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Printable Card Games to Learn English

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Printable Card Games to Learn English

In a bilingual kindergarten, a child from an early age immerses himself in an English-speaking environment and can learn a foreign language as his mother tongue, interact with native teachers and children from other nations.

Children learn the language naturally and funly while communicating. A child meets math, develops speaking and communication skills, learns the world around him, deals with creativity and music - all in a foreign language.

Choosing a private English kindergarten


The kid is surrounded by peers and not only learns the language, but also learns to communicate with children;

  • The group has an English teacher who is a native speaker;
  • The private kindergarten is organized according to the principle of forming small groups of 10-15 people, which guarantees high-quality language training and childcare;
  • Kindergarten develops the independence skills of the baby and instills elements of etiquette;
  • Developing activities suitable for their age are held with the children;
  • In the kindergarten, children are prepared for subsequent admission to school.
  • These pluses are more likely to be an ideal kindergarten. Unfortunately, even in Moscow you can count on the fingers the institutions, which not only bear the name "English kindergarten", but really offer high-level services.


A teacher with knowledge of English is not always a native speaker and has the necessary qualifications. Most often, educators are former tutors and teachers who do not have experience working with young children;
In most foreign kindergartens, children and educators speak Russian, and a second language is given in special classes. It is impossible to talk about the effect of immersion in another language environment with this approach;
Enrolling in a good bilingual kindergarten is not easy. Upon admission, the baby must speak English, as communication in the kindergarten occurs only in a foreign language;
In the right English gardens are international groups. For example, a kindergarten at the British Embassy introduced quotas: for only one nationality, only 10-20% of the total number of students are studying, so there are not always places for Russian-speaking babies;
English kindergarten can work under the British education program, which Russian children do not need;
  • Children may experience mental retardation due to the fact that communication occurs only in English. This is an urgent problem for children who come to kindergarten at 4-5 years old with zero knowledge of the language;
  • In specialized gardens, bias towards classes can occur to the detriment of walks and games. It turns out that already from 4-5 years old the kid practically falls into the English special school;
  • A kindergarten with a foreign language does not always lead to fluency in a second language, because a daughter or son does not receive language support at home.

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